Call for papers

Computational and information science in engineering
Data science in mechanical Engineering
Dynamic systems, measurement and control
Energy resources technology
Engineering materials and technology
Manufacturing processes and systems
Mechanical design
Mechanisms and robotics
Micro- and nano-engineering
Monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics
Solar energy engineering
Sustainable engineering
Thermo-fluids engineering
Vibration and acoustics




Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity
Aerospace Guidance, Dynamics and Controls
Aerospace Information Systems
Aerospace Propulsion and Power
Aerospace Design, Testing, and Performance
Aircraft Structure and Design
Aircraft Manufacturing Technology
Airworthiness and Certifications
Experimental Methods and Measurements
Flight Systems
Spacecraft Structure and Design
Thermo-physics and heat transfer
Intelligent Air Traffic Management
Avionics and Communication, Navigation & Surveillance(CNS)
Unmanned Air Traffic Control
Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems






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